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To provide our clients with top quality service by helping them understand and meet their tax responsibilities.
  • IN-01 How to Live Within a Budget and Become Debt FREE!!!
  • IN-02 How Can I Repair My Credit?
  • IN-03 What does it take to start a Small Business and what are the Tax Benefits?
  • IN-04 Learn How to Balance a Checkbook and WHY you should!
  • IN-05 Looking to Refinance or Purchase a home?
  • IN-06 How to Boost your Credit Score in 90 days
  • IN-07 What is Daily Money Management and How can I benefit by using it?

  • BU-01  I want to Start a Business
    What Business Entity should I choose for my Business and Why? Filing requirements for the Federal and State. How can I afford to start my business? What programs are out there? What do i need to do and how do I budget my business?
  • BU-02  Bookkeeping-What do I need?
    What bookkeeping records do I need prepare and save? How do I organize my books? Is it really important not to use a shoe box for my records?
  • BU-03  What are Financial Reports and Why do I want to understand them?
    This will cover the basic understanding of how to read a Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable reports. What are these reports and what are they good for? Do I need these reports for financing?
    Learn How to set up a Start up Budget or budget your business using these historical reports

  • NP-01  What are the Reporting Requirements for a Non-Profit? Understanding if you are required to Report your Non-Profit to the Federal and State Governments. What forms are needed to file? Why should Report your Non-Profit to the Government. These are just some of the topics covered and MORE.
  • NP-02  Bookkeeping-What do I need? What does the Government require me to have for documents? How should they be organized?  How do I report my donations? These are just some of the topics covered and MORE.
  • NP-03  Understanding the Federal 990/99EZ and Why You Should? The Federal 990/990EZ and its Schedules explained to you. Why you need to keep accurate records to report the information on the Schedules. Who looks at the 990/990EZ's and how you benefit by it. These are just some of the topics covered and MORE.
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